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Community & Youth Summits

Our annual Summits create a forum for the HIV community to drive solutions together.

For 17 years and counting, we’ve hosted our annual Community Summit, which brings together dynamic, passionate HIV advocates, leaders and writers from across North America. The Summit creates a forum where members of the community can openly share information, insights, experiences and best practices about relevant topics and issues that affect people living with HIV.

In 2014, we introduced our annual Youth Summit to support the development of youth leaders in the HIV community. We are committed to providing educational tools and resources to empower the next generation of leaders around policy and advocacy efforts — ensuring that the youth voice is incorporated in HIV community programming. To foster intergenerational connections, we introduced a mentorship program, where youth and community leaders connect, learn from one another and share valuable insights — creating relationships for the future.

While the Summits continue to evolve and grow, our goals have remained constant: to educate, engage in conversation and foster collaboration.


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